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          K-8 Tiered 介入


          Tiered intervention support for your K-8 students

          • 研究-based assessments to evaluate intervention needs
          • High-quality instruction and practice to address learning challenges
          • Trusted data to inform next steps and measure effectiveness
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          Interested in tiered intervention programs for your school or district?


          –Dawn Brookhart, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
          Danville Area School District, PA

          An effective framework for academic success

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          Image depicting an effective framework for acadmeic success with edmentum's tiered intervention. Framework includes screeing all K-8 studnets, delivering high-quality tiered instruction, monitoring progress frequently, and making data-driven adjustments.

          Proven programs for every level of learner

          Image of a guide for tiered intervention. Image links to download.
          Image depicting the 确切路径 student learning overview 确切路径 circle logo

          Data-driven intervention to pinpoint each unique need

          How do you deliver the right level of support for all students? 具体路径是


          High-quality practice and support

          Provide on-grade-level students with meaningful practice to hone their skills and demonstrate standards proficiency. 研究海岛


          研究海岛 circle logo

          研究海岛 builds [students'] confidence and makes them feel like they're in control of their performance in school and on the state tests.

          –James Sonju, Principal
          Lincoln K-8 Choice School, Rochester, MN
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          Essential literacy skills reinforcement

          阅读鸡蛋 focuses on increasing reading automaticity through meaningful repetition and short, scaffolded learning activities built on the five pillars of reading.

          Track meaningful metrics at all levels

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          Interested in tiered intervention programs for your school or district?

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          Hear from customers to discover how they’re partnering with us to power their intervention programs.

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          研究 & Efficacy

          Uncover the evidence base behind our proven intervention programs.

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          Learn more about tiered intervention and implementation best practices.


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