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          K-8 Classroom 评估ment


          In对于m instruction with classroom assessment

          • Formatively check 对于 understanding
          • Benchmark 学习 against skills and standards
          • Monitor progress toward proficiency
          • Plan 对于 instruction with real-time data
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          Interested in classroom assessment programs 对于 your school or district?


          edmentum is excellent for 对于mative assessment and the triangulation of student data in PLCs [professional 学习 communities].

          –Mark Calvin, Principal
          Bucklin USD #459, KS

          Always know where 学习 stands


          Circular image broken into four pieces. First is assess with a target clip art image. Second is reflect with a mirror clip art image. Third is adapt with a wrench clip art image. Fourty is instruct with a messaging notification clip art image.
          Gif of a timer with center split into quarters that are filling up the center. Each quarter is represented by short-cyle with daily or weekly checks for understanding, medium-cycle for unit or interim benchmarks, and long-cycle 对于 end-of-year summative assessments.

          Embed checks 对于 understanding

          研究岛, edmentum 评估, provide interim evaluations of progress.

          评估 对于 学习

          研究海岛 circle logo
          Screen capture of a 研究海岛 question presented on an iPad. 研究海岛 Circle logo

          Conduct informal 对于mative assessments


          The main benefit of 研究海岛 is that it helps my students acheive grade-level growth and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

          –Darlene Beishline, K-12 研究海岛 District Facilitator
          Shamokin Area School District, PA

          Visualize progress across a unit or period of time

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          Screen capture of 研究海岛 test results presented on an iPad. 研究海岛 circular logo
          Blue map of the United States with purple banner saying View Available Benchmarks. Links to available benchmarks in resources.

          Benchmark 学习 to assess understanding

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          Interested in classroom assessment programs 对于 your school or district?

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          Learn more about assessment 对于 学习 on the edmentum blog.

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          研究 & Efficacy

          Explore the powerful benefits of 研究海岛 when used as a classroom assessment tool.

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          Build effective assessments 对于 your district, school, or classroom with this guide.


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